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gunman who tried to assassinate her for being an outspoken supporter of education for girls. she was 15 years old. during this next event hosted by politics and prose bookstore this -- malala yousafzai was interviewed by her father by michele martin of npr. this is about an hour. a [applause] >> this is breaking the quaker tradition but i want to start by quoting a very smart journalist friend of mine who's said in this country we have it all wrong, we stand up for judges that's it for teachers. let me say again we stand up for judges but we sit for teachers. i would like to review think about it if they do their jobs properly it is less likely we will need those judges so if you don't mind, if you don't mind i would ask if the educator's here would stand so the we may honor you properly for the bush -- the work that you do. [applause] >> and to be sure you are properly recognized, the head of my children's school is here with two of her colleagues. i don't know why you are hiding but we are glad you are here so that being said welcome to you both, we are happy to see you and you are he
states, you probably have better access to education, health care, economic empowerment than just about anywhere except the nordic country in europe. on the other hand, we have so many fewer women in congress, in parliament than other countries and we've certainly never had a female country leader and something like 60 countries to this date have, most of them democratically elected at this point. does your generation kid itself in terms of where america really is, in terms of women's rights. >> still think we lead the world? >> i think that many probably are uneducated on that issue, probably do think that. however, at the same time i know so many young women are very concerned about getting more women in congress, first woman president. everyone knows we haven't had the first woman president yet and other countries have. margaret thatcher they know. this is something that -- that's an issue that young women in my generation are very concerned about. when it comes down to food, water, places to live, things like that i really just say that they have no idea what it's like in some of th
clerk, please call the roll. >> thank you all right. discussions of other educational issues. mr. superintendant i believe you have a presentation >> yes. i'd like to call in the chief of staff to update the board on the vision 2014 process. it's an exciting process and this is about a two hour update (laughter) i'm just checking for update no, it's going to be very short >> good evening commissioners and thank you so much. first of all, i want to thank the superintendent and the board of education for sponsoring this great voigs process. we worked for many months to design a process that would help us reenvision education for our students in san francisco. there are handout here and i'll start the presentation to keep us rolling. basically, we have a saying if we have a plan for today and envisioning tomorrow. we roelsdz the plan to clarifying how all of us work together to support the structural core around the teachers and students and families and instruction and that plan is being rolled out in helping us to build the penicillin with our quality improvement system. i don'
will now move on to item t the closed session action for the meeting the board of education approved the contract for one intifrm principle and one administrator. the board of education approved a minor modification of the schools contract with distribution to redraft the contract to include that modification. in the matter of g l vs. the unified school district case no. 80862 the board of education gives the authority of the district to pay up to the stipulated amount. wait a minute this is the vote total can't be correct and i also did not vote on that item you need to look at the vote totals again. so we may need to read this anti. can we clarify that before the at the end of this meeting. in the existing litigation meeting vs. the unified school district san francisco supreme court the board of education approved by the a vote of 5 yeses and settlement prudent to the district will resend a educational benefit allow the employee to retroactively resign and pay the employee the sum of 5 hundreds as a petition for a writ of men and women democrat and all possible claims against the
empathize a lot of he parents and now we hear that the educators can be brought to the table too. i'm wondering if it would strengthen the delake and also you talked about your concerns about the members being appointed by next august. maybe it would reach tout out to the delake. i think those are two committees we want to see that are strong and a represent our voice of english learners. so i think when i read a report like this you said there were only 5 members there and delake could be lacking los also in strength. i'm concerned they're not up to the full advocates for our students. this is where i come from. i'm not suggesting it only requesting that. it came to mind >> sorry i'm so special because i'm charged with data over 6 years. so i'm not sure i will understand all but delake is a long-term problem because the families are from the elementary school school it's me. and those 92 no new face coming. and another problem is the bbc person. it's a lot of information go back to school talk to the parents and for the policy what do you do and a talking for your school the paren
and sometimes, we have a educate people who are scared, you know, about the changes that are happening in the community. that's often what we have to bear with but i'd like to think that's something we can do and people who are attended e opposed can work hard to meet the people who are doing a lot of great work in the neighborhood. so i'll be supportive of this resolution here today. i will not be - i'm not in favor of changing the languages or stabilizing it for more information. my experience with the homeless camp so over the years. i'm concerned the count is being inaccurate and i find the homeless numbers is very sound and its something i give a lot of creed dance too. i'm surprised that the numbers are highway. i hear all the time about the homeless people in the streets. people have access to food, bombards and a place to sleep that can alleviate problems and a decrease in the impacts of homelessness there by having the facilities in place. i want to thank everyone for coming hero and touching envy heart. i want to entries, you know, i understand the concerns that have come up
their education to make sure that i could go on to finish high school and to go on to college and those great sacrifices i recognize. we have seen so many great leaders that have come up of the sfaisz sacrifices that parents have made. i want to call out some of the leaders (calling names) great organizations that have made incredible accomplishments lately we passed the due process for all ordinance board of supervisors that's because of the leaders of this community. today, we're honoring future leaders people who are macro great accomplishments in their education i want to call them up one-on-one on the stage. first (calling names) (clapping) he's a 12th grader he is was an stent day participate at marshall and it's now a part of the college came back program. he volunteered when it left marshall as a fifth grader he's currently a senior and continues to support marshall as a college bound ambassador. congratulations (clapping) okay. next i would call up an eight grader she demonstrates a willingness to help this is very rare to see she's a social leader. congratulations (clapping) next u
the best for them educational and environmentally. i want to extend a special thanks to victor of custodian and helping me with the lincoln high. i want to express the thanks to my principle mr. payne. for creating an environment that fits high standards and helps everyone including our students as capable of - contributing and accountability. thanks good night >> (clapping). >> thank you. madam president and members of the board we would like to present a special tribute this evening or evening a colleague who passed away san francisco unified school district caveat and english learner advocate. her husband and daughter is here. is michelle here as well. the san francisco unified school district honor the memory of our educator and english advocate. during here career she was an administrator at the consult department and what is actively involved with the b cc and this latino america association. her continuous advocacy made a positive difference in our schools and community. we would like to present this to you, sir >> (clapping) >> on behalf of my family and myself we would like to t
cuts as we've seen in 2005 and 2006, the public education fund which are dollars to fund schools, dedicated to children and family activities are essential in supporting families when the state continues to cut this. as this board knows well i have always supported city schools and never think this is a bad expenditure of our dollars. san francisco has made an incredible front in the last several years to increase access to the programs and increase the quality of the programs citywide. the citywide collaboration is known in expanding known in collaborative and lead by dcyf. in terms of active collectively we have 70 percent of k through 8 children want to enroll in one. as though this is a much higher percentage, we would like to see more access. project k through fund has been an important program and we would like to see this improve. i'm proud to have served on the first year of the prop age fund advisory committee that helps guide originally how it's allocated the first $10 million for the 55,000 students whether it was on libraries, arts, sports, bathrooms, and many other
education person >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we appreciate that the self testing has moved to the fourth day of school for the kindergarten students in order to remind families of testing. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we appreciate f u s d listening to our concerns about translation on this website site we look forward to work with the assuring equate to communities generated websites. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the b cc appreciates the accountability data that has been generated for the students progress. this initial data has helped to engage our dialog with the district >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the l l d report card it is important for communicating progress to our families. we appreciate that k through 5 implementation happened last year. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we like to honor and recognize the work and commitment to a bbc member who served for many years and recently passed away. thank you >> thank you cindy. >> so, now in our packet you have the copy of the bilingual observation report for the observations we made in
for the opportunity i'm the coordinator the education support. i would like to begin by appreciating all of you who carefully reviewed our petition. we have grateful we had the opportunity to serve a difference group of students in the wonderful city of santa fe san francisco. we continue support all our students this year is an exciting time for public education with the recommendation of the impending role out. we've been provided great opportunities. the local funding formula will allow us greater responsibility to make sure we're providing technically rich education. at the chapter school we're excited to prepare the citizens for the 21st century. the arts and curriculum we foster the learning and innovation schools. please accept our warm invitation to come and visit our city hall school and see all the wonderful learning experiences each and every day >> hi, i'm here to support the charter reluctant. i'm a parent of 3. i have a second and sixth grader and one csa graduate who is successful at the school of the arts. i'm a board member and want to say a few words. i will describe maybe in fou
turn to two percent of your monthly income. >> you can enroll in free educational services online. just as it -- visit with services like financial education classes and one-on-one meetings with advisers, asset smart money network makes it easy for you to learn all you need to know about managing, saving, investing, and protecting your money. the network offers access to hundreds of financial aid programs. to help their eruptions, fill out the quick questionnaire, and you will be steered to the program you are looking for. >> who want to make sure everyone has the chance to manage their money successfully, keep their money safe, and avoid getting ripped off. >> it sounds very good. i think people should try that one. >> to find out more, visit or call 211 and ask about the bank on s.f. program. >> now you can have a bank account. open one today.
to invest and the essential pillars of economic growth like education, workforce readiness, science, research and innovation. i believe there are significant savings that can be achieved in our health care system without compromising the quality of care, and in fact, improving the quality of care. and without slashing benefits that seniors have worked so hard for and earned. former secretary-treasurer he paul o'neill has estimated we can save $1 trillion per year without affecting health care outcomes by in acting smart, targeted health care delivery reforms. the institute of medicine estimated the number could be 750 billion dollars. no matter what the exact figure or proposal, these are impressive savings that would strengthen the nation's health- care system without shifting cost and burdens to seniors and states. these have the added benefit of improving quality, -- quality outcomes within the health-care system. so before we continue to obsessively but benefits on the table, i would hope to begin the dialogue about finding solutions that produce health-care cost savings. i am c
back in two thousand and ten jointl funded by foot to koreans americans is designed to educate students in a variety of occasions including vehicle with copics structured and well kept coming and that tricks like to compute overpass and that the team. it tends not to spare. too soon. billy took a look at all. what goes on. it was. bill hall. in order to get it over. the body the char us ait study life expectancy has increased from forty to sixty two. and is there del freak when she was in nelson schools had just fifty miles to the top of the stylists on the entry of new work one of the spurs top of their institutions the focus on improving education and healthcare stochastic or a boss but some textbook which helped the country which works towards the future. they seem to get things done that last for three to five years to protect against all the different strains of flu around the world including possible pandemics like this one. the artifacts pharmaceuticals exploded next to the blacksmith institute of science in which israel has developed just such a universal flu vaccine flu vaccine
. and also the mayor's advisors of education and family services. please welcome hydro mendez. come on (clapping) thank you allen. i like that the current because there will be more. it's such a delight to be here in our home and thank you four joining us in city hall. i want to thank the neighborhood services we celebrate all our event in san francisco. i wanted to not spend a lot of time why we're here it's so obvious. the richness of our cult and history needs to be celebrated. i'm happy you're here who we are as the filipinos and the richness of our heritage we want to share throughout san francisco and california every day. this isn't just the most it's one of the many months we celebrate. tights high honor to be up here someone who is special to all of us mayor ed lee was sworn in on january 8th as our ferd mayor of the city and county and inform and the first asian american in the history. with this being the second largest population in the united states and the largest population in the state you mayor ed lee have made us proud. nearly 15 percent of the workforce of nearly
want to thank a few words thank you uncle bill and filipinos thank you for the educational empowerment and thank you. i love you all (clapping.) all right. congratulations. now i'd like to take this opportunity please welcome amy khan. (clapping) >> hi, good evening, everybody. so on behalf of supervisor david chiu i have the special privilege of recognizing an incredible leader in the filipino american community tonight and that individual is ms. jerry verify and i'm sure you all know her. so genevieve please come up. she's the executive director of happy free san francisco which is a citywide campaign to make sure that we're the first health care champion for pacific eyeders in the united states. this campaign provides helping testing for ap i's throughout our city. the organization is also provides free health education and workshops about hepatitis b all throughout the city as well speaker so the supervisor couldn't be here tonight but wanted to make sure i give a special shout out his words are thank you rock star. she's been active in serving as the director for the filipinos n
hungry and going to school trying to get an education hungry. some of that is alleviated. we have a school lunch, school breakfast program that is functional, put the lot of people who would otherwise be hungry into some kind of food security. here is a problem, doesn't exist in the summers, there has been a lot in the literature about the education value of the summer when kids regress education leave. the other thing that happens in the summer is poor kids get hungry. a lot of localities recognize that and created these institutions that have a horrible sounding name, some are feeding programs, places where low-income kids can go to get meals, parks, community centers, sometimes properly funded, sometimes the federal government steps in with money. a couple years ago the federal government stepped in to st. louis with a pilot program to send 10,000 low-income kids who would otherwise go hungry in the summer, here was the response on the radio. after this program, it, quote, created surface people who woer never have a work ethic paula 0 we call him a schoolyard bully. he is a gu
budget also invests in our nation's most valuable resource, our kids, by boosting support for education, including an early education initiative. the republican budget in the house resulted in the cut of 20% below sequester levels to that part of the budget that funds education. these choices have real consequences. we also know that the deep, immediate sequester cuts are hurting our economy. the non-partisan congressional budget office tells us to meet our defense and national priorities will result in 800,000 fewer american jobs by this time next year. we all know there are smarter ays to reduce deaf -- to equal deficit reduction. in the house, many have offered to plan a quest sequester with balanced cuts to wasteful spending and cuts to unproductive special interest tax breaks. unfortunately we have been denied an opportunity to vote often that plan. finally, this committee should continue to work to shrink the debt. over the last few years, we have cut the 10-year deficit by over 2.7 trillion, excluding the sequester. three-quarters of those savings come from budget cuts. one quart
will be able to come. ine education system afghanistan, not just higher education. universities, the number that was given to me is so i don'ttuitive use it. in terms of the lower grades before you get to colleges and universities, before the taliban was driven out to the been, 900,000ave boys in afghan schools ten or so.ago now 8 million students in schools. about 3 million of those are girls. none of whom could have been educated before we got there allies.r in 2001, under the taliban were 20,000 teachers, all male. now 200,000 teachers. 60,000 of whom are women. healthcare many improved. significantlyty down. refugeeslion afghan who fled to pakistan have returned home. that 67% of the a mostan people in recent survey think that the afghan war was not worth fighting? how did that happen? the picture is much, number.tter than that i just don't believe that the american people have had a fair or fuller picture of the events in afghanistan. that the press has story. a good it hasn't missed the problems. it has missed the progress. our peoplesion that't come from it comes from what
system, our education system, our access to energy, could make this a platform that every country around the world wants to be in. and growth here at home. >> we will close down. thank you so much for all of thoughts. well done. [ applause ] >> tonight, on c-span. armed services committee chairman senator carl levin inlks about the situation afghanistan. followed by remarks from obama and prime minister of iraq nouri themaliki and remarks at antidefamanion league. week, michigan senator carl levin traveled to and met with president karzai. today, the senate armed services committee chairman about improvements in the country as the u.s. and prepare to remove troops from afghanistan in 2014. from the council on foreign relations. is an hour. >> welcome to the foreign relations. i'm johnathan karl. a high honor to be here with levin. introduction.s no interduck carl levin is the chairman of the senate armed services from the great state of michigan and of special interest to me, just back from a trip to afghanistan where he commanders over there and also had a one on one president karzai. i
the excellence in u.s. higher education, how that helped us, training more and better engineers, but those days are ending. so our natural design advantages are going to be harder to come by going forward. and so we need those things, so we are not starting with a 10% cost disadvantage. >> in asia. what would it mean for caterpillar? >> we have a huge business in asia and growing. that is the single largest opportunity over the next decade or so. we intend to be that market. but again, i come back to the point that it is likely that a lot of those countries, a number of those, will do agreements with or without us. if we don't get tpp done. we will look into a market that we ought to be competing with. i'll move to africa because i am passionate about this. we watched the chinese really take over africa. they've come in with their own financing, their own engineering, sometimes their own workers to take over minerals, extraction, oil and gas, hydroelectric power across africa. i know, michael, that is on your agenda. but i am so pleased to hear that the crossover between commerce and the state,
facility room and you will be educated. because you see, you are all not going to be able to do the right thick until you hear about things that started in bay view hunters point. i have been living there since 1948 and i know the history of my community. young people from that community are here today and the families and things and we know -- it seems like they try to get rid of us, but i'm not going no place. i'm going to be here. thank you very much. >> thank you. mr. kevin williams, welcome. >> good afternoon, senator torres, members of the commission. my name is kevin williams. i am co-chair of the bay view hunters point arts council and we're an ad hoc committee here to request that our protest of the san francisco art commission's community arts and education bayview program that is financed with puc funds be placed on this commission's agenda for a hearing. i am also a retired senior contract compliance officer for the city and county of san francisco, human rights commission. i am co-founder of the green lining institute. we have a mutual friend with bob. >> yes we do. >>
countries. they developed through education. we need to give this to our children. >> the more optimistic people argued they can create the town and state that they want. it's another way of saying they are starting with nothing. >> police in costa rica arrested six drug dealers linked to the columbian rebel group farc. 27 high calibre weapons, a silencer and 492 kilos of cocaine were found in their possession. the detained are five columbian nagsals and a nickar ag uan system. twitter has been accused of attacking an act as part of a right-wing plot. madurai said 6,000 of his followers disappeared from the feed. he said it's part of a campaign to destablilize the government ahead of elections. >> we are discovering a massive attack from the twitter company and the international right wing from patriots at different parts of the world. they have attacked my account, taking away thousands of followers. >> what are you trying to do. i'm making a call to multiple. let's multiply by 20,000, 30,000, 40,000. >> you are probably familiar with the mcdonald's happy meal which cavly includes a -- c
like other countries we have developed. they developed through education. we need to give this to our children. >> the more optimistic people argue that they can create the town and state that they want. it's another way of saying they are starting with nothing. >> in myanmar hundreds fled fighting. government forces and the independence army blame each other for hostilities. it broke out as ethnic minorities met to discuss a ceasefire. >> a fire factory has killed 11 at a factory, they were mostly female assembling fuses for firecrackers. the cause is still being investigated. two factory executives have been arrested. >> a u.s. company wants to take over one of the australia biggest agricultural groups - graincorp. it's proving controversial with the coalition government split over the proposed sale. andrew thomas in sydney explains why. >> along australia east coast farmers are worried. the grain industry is at a crossroads. the company with a near monopoly on grain processing and transportation is on the brink of being sold to the united states. >> they are selling infrastructure,
in supplying restaurants with high quality foods. the director for urban education about sustain able agriculture otherwise known as -- it's an operation that operates the world famous farmers market. since 1993 the market has served a critical link between our residents and local farmers and offers the best quality products available. the market plaza serves many businesses in the south of market. it offers programs about sustain able agriculture. including cooking, programs and youth group. and they have cooking demonstrations top bay area chefs and they demonstrate recipes and ingredients purchased that morning. i have offered several pieces of legislation. i'm appreciative of the work that mr. stock dale and colleagues have done to contribute to the promotion of the sustain able agriculture and our food system. i want to thank you on behalf of the organization. please join me in thanking him. [ applause ] >> thank you very much for this very unusual recognition because we are not a restaurant. we are the supplier to the restaurants. and that is a critical link that we are proud t
for having a liberal education other than cash? >> college education is going to help you learn things and introduce to people around you and it is really expensive so what people are paying for is bry, they are hoping to get jobs afterwards and letting them down as a country. >> colbert: that's my rob with your site it is free and i believe the purpose of going to college is to acquire crippling debt. >> then the system is working. >> colbert: because the people who work for me say on this show who have college loans i know will never quit. no matter how poorly i treat them. so let's say that this utopian future of yours comes about. >> sure. >> colbert: and everybody learns bleep, blurp and your coding thing what will we do? all just sitting in like windowless cubicles coding madden 3,000? what will america be producing if we are all coding? >> i think every i have will change based on people understanding programming. >> colbert:. >> you can sell your things online and tell people what they have in stock that day. understand how to -- >> colbert: what do your parents think of this?
just to get them to classes. educators have not tried this and don't know yet if it will help. a lot are paying attention. >> there's a different early morning buzz in anchorage schools - more hustle at ag diamond's high to avoid the tardy table. perfect attendance means more? >> kids are talking about it. community members are talking about it. i hear it on radio. >> they are talking about the free car, the $24,000 prize for being here every day. >> a free car, that's a reason to get out of bed and come to school. >> only juniors and seniors like carlie and nicky have a chance. winning is not a teenage pie in the sky fantasy. what are the odds? they are not that bad. there's about 3200 juniors and seniors in the district. last year 182 had perfect attendance. perfect means perfect. no missed school days for any reason. it gets you into a drawing for the free wheels donated by autodealer troy jarvis who came up with the idea. he admits it's a good advertising gymic, but hopes insent vicing attendance can teach kids a lesson. outside the classroom in the world of work you have to sho
increased ak access to after school students as opportunities as a part of our comprehensive education plan and to building a family-friendly city. in the last 30 years as was well articulated during the debate around flexible work schedules and president chiu, it's 77.3 percent of school ages children mothers are in the labor force. 15.1 million children take care of themselves from the time they get home from school. after school is not an only alternative place away from home, it's a place for children to spend time after school and they have better grades, work habits and more positive relationships with their peers and are able to develop critical thinking and arts. for someone who worked in these programs, i saw how this helped young people and enhanced their connections and peers and soft skills and in incredibly important. as we continue to make drastic cuts to our public schools which our state continues to make, we often see a shortening of our school day which the a detriment to the young people. it's essential to education. this is a discussion that my former school board colle
. and the fact that the government is educating parents, making fruits and vegetables, reducing the sugar content in school lunches is critically important to getting control of our health and reducing the cost of health care. frankly, obama care with preventative care will help that. >> i have to get john in here. do you think government should have a role in our refrigerators, which is basically what we're talking about? >> good lord, no. government is not educating anything. look at our education system. we keep going down in the rankings. as the only person on this panel that weighing over 250 pounds, if you send me a letter for eating a chocolate bunny on easter, we're going to have a fight. we have lazy kids in this country. they need a boot on their hind quarters to get them out and play in the yard. they don't need notes on halloween. that's ridiculous. >> this lady as far as i'm concerned should be addressed as a bully because that's what she was. >>> thanks, guys. and thanks to bernard whitman for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >>> they may be dead, but that's not stopping them
for some people and for some black people who had developed the skills and gone in education, so when these artificial race barriers were taken from them, they were in a position to march right forward. but that did not help so much the many millions of black people who had really been debilitated by the jim crow segregation and what about the black people because of this, that they did not get a good education or were deprived of opportunities. even when the racist barriers went down, let's hypothesize that for a moment. but because they hant. but because they have been deprived of opportunity in the past, they are nonetheless at a tremendous disadvantage in competitions to move forward in american life and people said that that is not fair. that in a sense if we do not provide a helping hand to those people, we are permitting and we are simply -- we are committing debilitating effects of racist treatment in the past to live on and we are allowing a continuation and a perpetuation of past racial mistreatment that is unjust. and that is the effort and desire to overcome the effects, t
the task of giving kids an equal education. -- dedicated to accomplishing the task of giving kids an equal education. they said they were going to back off of strong civil rights enforcement. i had to make a decision. do i uphold the law or back off of my principal? ini fight for what i believe or do i sacrifice my job? i lost my job. but i have never regretted the decision is standing for what you believe in. [applause] i went back to monterey and public service was still in my veins so i ran for congress and served a terms of the congress. eight terms. it was a different congress. tip o'neill, bob michae we just honored tom foley the other day, speaker and a majority leader. republicans and democrats work together. toy work together to try solve the problems facing this country. yes, they had their differences. yes, they had their politics. when it came to issues affecting the country, they worked together for the common good and that's the way our democracy should work. [applause] clinton asked me then to take over the office of management and budget. the good people there helped
in getting it into the education system and am wondering if you could talk about that along with the press that we need to get people interested because it's all about selling new ideas. we don't talk about complexity. we live in a complex system. finally, last night i saw a play called "love in afghanistan." i think it's one of the most powerful plays of ever seen and i'm a performing arts junkie. i recommend everyone to go see it. it was fabulous. it addresses the things were talking about. >> it's a really important point. somebody brought over some young afghan music students about six months ago. it was terrific. we brought them to the capital so that some of my colleagues could see. i think there were like eight students on afghan instruments at a music school which could have never existed and they are there preserving their heritage. it has an impact when people can see a play or whatever, of course it does. telling stories are important. the problem on the other side is i'm not a good storyteller, by the way. i admire those of my colleagues who are. it's the most powerful way to g
to say, for as important as you think education is in america and for as screwed up you think what they have done to education policy across the board, why do you think the same thing is going to happen in health care? >> i'm a cynic. when i look at the insurance company, i say, oh, my gosh, look at all the people who don't have insurance and adequate insurance. >> who is more insidious, the unions or the insurance company? >> the unions are insidious. they've been hurting the quality of education. what the insurance companies are doing, it's a-okay? come on, you know, dana. >> are you sure obama care, is it really like a jackass stunt and obama's being played by johnny knoxville? >> i wish. we got to go. next on "the five," did biden almost get knocked off the president's ticket for hillary? before we go, check out our facebook page. >>> joshua, we've got to talk about the song choice. lots talk about revelation, in a new book on the 2012 election. it's called "double down." from the same guys who wrote "game changer." one of the hits was the campaign debated replacing biden with
the copy cat effect is educating the next shooter that may be looking for a public venue and now understands if they ultimately decide on an airport, now i have learned how this case happened and how it ended up and that's really intelligence for the next shooter. >> stand by lou. i want to ask mary ellen one more question. we talked about the kind of person. you are a profiler. people, many people get upset when you say the word profile. there are profiles for all different kinds of criminal activity. who should we be profiling in this instance? is it young, white guys in their 20s and 30s, ethnicity, behavior, what is it? >> i'll answer like this. this is a genuine response. we don't have a profile of one of these offenders. right now, the number of cases is small, which is a good thing. you can't use traits that occurred in the l.a.x. shooting and make them predictive for the next shooter. having said that, we know there's a small group of people that already are developing these ideas of wanting to carry out these extreme acts of violence and lethality against people. along t
is that the data is so clear on what music education does for children all the way around. not just for their tone or there is a, but the performance in the key subject areas. >> math and science, we can use some mathematicians. clearly in my children. my wife homeschools. we got them into music and immediately, all of their subjects got better. unfortunately, it means everything and one of the first things to go as the music program. -- is the music program. tavis: why did you choose to homeschool? >> we are church people. we are believers. we wanted to make sure that our .hildren were specially guided you don't get that in schools. good at it.ery i don't think it is for everybody. if you are not good, you can hire other people to help you do it. my boy, they told us he is going to struggle. in kindergarten. now he is in the engineering program at asu. my daughter is a high school student at community college. she homeschooled until she was 17. it has really paid off for us. they have a firm foundation. take me back and tell me how you started getting so proficient. >> i started out as an oboe pl
said i had everything material, but i didn't have an education, i didn't have a high school diploma. i was gang banging and selling drugs, and when you said that, i stopped. and i got my ged. and i knew i was complete. i got my car over here, and now i got my ged. and with this ged, i was able to take college courses at the community college. he said, when i walked in the doors of the community college, i saw a whole world that i didn't know existed. i'm sitting here in a $3 million house, with five whips outside, and i'm a lawyer. that's the type of corporate excitement that we want to generate. our association with these record companies and these big corporations, what is it going to do for our communities? what is it going to do for our nags? that's what we saw in people. people say, dmc, what you're saying, i'm 49 years old, and you're saying that because you're wiser and more mature and older, and i say that's true, young brother and sister, but everything i've been saying since i was 15 years old. check the record. ed ross, you're a member of the hiphop trio, and i know you have
the economy on track. mayor lee keeps us focused on keeping san francisco a city that celebs education and health care and the environment for our future generations (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping). >> thank you. i had no idea what you that but it sounded pretty good. everyone welcome to the city hall our people's hall in san francisco. and i am here to join i in celebrated latino heritage month. i want to thank a number of dignitaries that i know who have worked with me. we have the council general of japan and the mongol council and counsel generalizes representing nick away wag and others countries our friends (clapping) >> i see our colleagues on the board president chiu. thank you david chu for being here (clapping) i might not see them immediately but i know that supervisor john avalos and george will be here shortly. and then i also see jeff our public defenders public defender for being here that you are ladies and gentlemen, we're also very rich with latino leaders in our department and to name some of them on behalf of the whole city people like lou our li
the areas where government has intruded, whether it's retirement or education orl health care, it's been an abject failure. i like the free market. >> the military, social security, terrible. medicare?e. terrible. >> social security is going bankrupt. >> social security is terrible!i call your mother right now,ur m gregory. >> i will. >> you hate social security? >> yes! >> but it's going bankrupt. you brought up the military. >> everything stinks. >> no, the military is awesome because it's run separately from this bureaucracy. >> oh, yeah, that's not the united states government. >> they have actual standards. and the achievement is measured in the military. if you're not good in the military, you're out. in if you fail in government, you stay in and go up. >> can we quick israeli -- quickly have a you know it's bad moment. d when formereba president jimmy carter criticizes you. listen. accomplishment cass obamacare and the implementation of it now is questionable at best.ti eric, what do you say whenon jit carter is d criticizing you? >> i don't care about jimmy carter. i care about w
there. that's why you have to pick up the phone. make your guaranteed reservation for this educational event and attend so you can better understand this opportunity. put the power in your hands and start taking control of your own life financially. >> shawn and i attended than's event a year ago, and we were pretty much novices when it came to real estate. the way that our business has been growing, i'll be able to quit my regular full-time job within the next 12 months. >> at the event, we will also teach you the second way i flip properties. and that's by fixing the property up and then selling it, like we do on our tv show. for example, this is one of the 31 properties i'm working on right now. on this property alone, i'm gonna make several times over what the average american makes in a year. just imagine how doing just one deal like this would impact your entire life. in fact, here are the profits i made in the last two months alone, just on properties i've rehabbed. i love this aspect of real estate because you can make even bigger profits, while, at the same time, you're improv
million in education support over the next two years, and we are taking on additional responsibilities at our school districts where we will see new support from the private sector for middle schools, and new support with our federal partners with promised neighborhoods grants. and thanks to our city librarian, we will be extending library hours throughout our city. (applause) >> we are going to make san francisco an even safer city. we developed a six-year police staff and fire staffing plan to train san francisco's first responders. over the next two years ~ san francisco will hire 300 new sworn police officers with six new academy classes. and we will add 120 firefighters with three new fire academy classes. with with 35 construction cranes across our skyline, you can see public and private construction jobs being created every day. in fact, an estimated 223,000 jobs will be created over the next 10 years from city projects alone. for our part, we're making a sound investment of $25.1 billion in capital projects over the next 10 years through our city's ten-year capital plan. this p
exotic flute music] ♪ captioning and audio description provided by the u.s. department of education. >> bokara: i'm bokara legendre. join me and my guests--scholars and scientists, spiritual teachers and philosophers-- as we explore the boundaries of religion and metaphysics, of science and spirituality. join me and some really fascinating people as we try to figure out what life's all about and how it can have meaning for each one of us.
, once among the hundreds of educational institutions nationwide offered cheap health insurance to their students would have had to drop the practice because obamacare prohibits the sale of those insurance policies now. more evidence of the health care law is potentially going to disrupt the budget and medicaid itself and an overwhelming majority of people applying for an expansion of medicaid as opposed to applying in the mber of states. looking at the startling numbers, and parolees, medicaid, 82,000 of private insurance enrollments, 3000, arkansas over 70,000 and we are beginning to understand that that means embarrassingly small. none in the private insurance and washington, this is an entirely upside down ratio between medicaid and 25,000 in kentucky and 6000 private. the next congressman is our guest and he's a member of the republican study committee. it's great to have you with us. now, how do you feel that no one seems to be able to move this administration to release the enrollment numbers? >> i find it appalling and eight letters for my district alone represent us. th
they are still a child. and these should somebody in school and should be well educated and not going to the house. you are pushing for the banning of child marriages to be included in the amendment of the constitution. why is it important to do that? why not make it a legislation? >> that is very important. i have been for more than taken years before being a minister in the committee. and that was our mone pain conc. main concern. our mandate is to for women advancement. and one of the women a advantagesment in the country or make any development for women girls especially in the area did not get a chance to go to the school or if they started schooling. >> the question is why include it into the constitution? >> the social rights of women and the social rights of children and you know that yemen is a party to many conventions one of the conventions is the child convention. and we are convention to eliminate all sorts of abuse against wind. wind -- women. it will not be in the princple of the constitution. it will be. >> i do need to get in very quickly, there is a lot of objection
not there this improves educational outcomes. even the department of education's own study on headstart shows you a lot of these early investments don't pay off. >> let's turn to new jersey where you are a voter, james, and chris christie, the republican governor, looks like he's going to coast to re-election, but there's an interesting ballot initiative that would imbed, raise the minimum wage and imbed future minimum wage increases into the constitution. >> right, into the state constitution. it's knocking the state minimum wage about a point above, going to about 8.5%. $8.25 an hour. this is really when you look at young people and their struggle to find work in new jersey, this is about the last thing we need. our state has a higher unemployment rate than any of our neighbors. pennsylvania, new york, delaware. and it really is above the national average. so now you're taking that group of people that wants to come into the workforce, that wants skills, that wants to show they can do a job, and you're making it that much harder for small businesses to hire them. >> let's turn to virginia. which i be
of you know and many of you probably were educated in the united states. i cannot tell you how many heads of state and finance ministers throughout government, heads of state and chief executives who i need as i travel the world as a senator to go to school who participated in educational exchanges and the fulbright program, meet them everywhere. foreign ministers in saudi arabia who has been foreign minister for 30 years or more. he proudly reminds me of his education at princeton. and another showed me a photograph and said this was you and me 25, 35 years ago when i met you at a law of diplomacy school when you were a senator. many immigrants know that the american dream is not restricted to those born in america. if you go to miami, chicago, san francisco, any major city in america, you will find a community that speaks your language and understand your culture and welcomes diversity and can serve as an anchor for your next venture. it is not just the big cities. you heard it from secretary pritzker and president obama. success stories. indian manufacturers expanding plants in upstate
and the other is that we can educate the public about all of the hard work that is done by this body, and so what i thought that i would do is briefly touch on the highlights of the report and i will entertain any questions that you might have. and the report does cover the year that began july 1, 2012, through june 30th, 2013 held 20 meetings and met for 102 hours which was 24 hours more than the prior year and a whole other day just in time for the vice president's arrival. and we heard 147 matters during the year, and that was an increase of 29 percent over the matters heard the prior year. and this does reflect in general the increase of the appeal volume filed with the board during the year, and if you look at the chart on page six, you will see that in 2008, the board appeals volume dropped, and we basically flat lined for the following four years but in this reporting year that increased 14 percent and so you can see an uptick in the appeal volume and however with that increase, we are still 18 percent below the average appeal volume for the past ten years. in terms of the subject mat
of the area or the prominence of the number of units. there are two separate educates it brings it to conformity with the number of units that are allotted. another thing the supervisors is proposing so to count the number of bedrooms. we're much better off to have 3 bedroom units rather than 10 one barroom units. all of those policies particularly the mergers go in the wrong direction. 20 percent of our housing units have 3 bedrooms or more we should encourage for unit with more bedrooms. only 31 percent of the building are owned will i owner coupled. we should encourage people to buy their units. if we were a situation where we had a huge prepare dalmatian of ownership i could see argument for preserving units, however, we're building thousands of units all the time wore mixing upland use policies. this came up a few years ago when we looked at endanger conversions. david chiu put successfully a time when you could put a garage if there had been a no fault conviction. often those are different people and had nothing to do with the earlier conviction it was for their own uses a
on that note, i just want to say that i have worked extra hard to get an education and i as a disabled person refuse to depend on the government. i wanted to be independent in every angle of life possible including financially. so, the despite that i was able to have this house and able to give all the money i have saved with this settlement that i received as a down payment, i was extremely happy. you cannot believe how happy i was because for people with disability and specifically for people that live in a wheelchair, i am paralyzed, my legs are paralyzed. i cannot take a step. my hands are paerlzed. i know what they found that there is no economical hardship that will wave my $8,000. it's not really the economic cal hardship that i'm trying to point to all of you out here. if i were in an economical hardship, which i am, it's mostly because of my disability. i obtained my masters degree and eligible to be a professor in a school. however, if i take that job, the system would cutoff all my benefits and i rely on a person to get me out of the bed every morning to give
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